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Day 206 Inktober PrOctober Day 5

Two prompts in one image today! That works! For the #doodleinstitute October Day 5, the prompt is “rock” which became the rocks around #Proctober’s Inktober prompt, campfire! Always be safe with your campfire: wood away from the fire until needed, a bucket of water and more ready if needed, and a dirt area surrounded by large rocks to hold in the place for your fire.

Be sure to put out the campfire correctly:

  • water, water, water,
  • stir the ashes and embers,
  • add more water,
  • scrape burned wood to be sure all embers are gone and cold
  • stir the embers to be sure everything is WET
  • All should be cool to the touch
  • Check under the rocks for embers
  • Add more water!!!
  • Do not leave until the ashes are cool everywhere to the touch
  • Check the campsite for any embers
  • Source: Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Service

As you can see, I built on the drawing from yesterday, zooming back out across the river from the trees and shrubs to the campfire.

The #inktober2020 prompt today is “blade.” I’m certain the intension was for a knife or sword blade, but I think of the rolling prairie and its many grasses. My own state’s native grasses are lovely. See some here.

In #drawingdaily2020 today the “draw with me” prompt is “luna moth.” This insect crawling in the highway of my leaves background is drawn at night– when the moths are active.

Did you know these moths live only in North America? And that they can be as long as four inches? They don’t eat, but bats eat them. To fool the bats and escape, the moths spin the tail of their lower wings. If you live east of the Mississippi, you know these moths! [Source: National Geographic].

Day 206 of Covid “stay at home”

Day 585 of “blog posts in a row!”

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