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Day 208 Inktober PrOctober Day 7

Today’s  #Proctober’s Inktober prompt is “rain coat, rain boots, umbrella.” So: Be ready for rain!

“Caramel Apple,”  #doodleinstitute  prompt, was one my husband did not like, “This is cruel,” he said as his mouth watered wanting one!

“Fancy,” the #inktober2020 prompt today, seemed a good chance to remind us once again to wear the mask– protect each other.

Today, one of my art teachers provided a lesson for creating this vase. Thank you, Brenda Bakker. It’s a quick and fun lesson using clipping masks, shading, and highlights. It brings me joy and I hope it does to you too.

Brenda also included on her IG account a how-to for this digital scrapbooking style. There’s a picture of my granddaughter’s family, one of love and family.

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