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Day 209 Inktober Proctober Day 8

Today’s  #Proctober’s Inktober prompt is “Sunflower.” I love sunflowers and I spent a long time drawing, coloring, shading, highlighting, shadowing the flowers and leaves. I also applied  Brenda Bakker‘s vase technique too. I really like it. I used all native Procreate brushes– except for a stipple brush from Liz Kohler Brown.

I love Brenda’s strategy so I practiced first with this– isn’t it fun? I love it:

“Teeth,” the #inktober2020 prompt today, had me stumped for a minute. I did not want to draw teeth in an animal. Then I remembered “teeth” of a comb, so I inked a hair comb / barette:

And, finally, a failure. I ran out of time today in my challenges. I’m really trying to draw for Inktober, PrOctober, and Doodle Institute. I love the DrawingDaily as well, but that one I save for last for fun. My failure is “Corn” the  #doodleinstitute  prompt. I do not like it at all, but I tried. It’s ugly. I don’t need to share it, but it’s important to note that learners are not always successful, for a variety of reasons. Today, it was time. I could not spend the time to create the illustration I wanted– so here is my failure:

So– keep learning, even when success is not reached. Every try is a learning experience. Actually, the corn part isn’t that bad– after I took off my sketch layer. The husk looks bad, but I could improve that on another day. I should have taken more time to create individual silk strings, instead of trying the “streaky brush.” That was laziness on my part.

So: have a great day and keep trying!

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