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Teach Forward

Tomorrow arrives in a blink of an eye
Teach forward; our kids’ futures rely
On lessons today that tomorrow apply.

This 2009 ASCD Video promotes creativity and innovation in the classroom; click the link to view the video and read the transcript.

Students in successful classrooms understand not only what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it and how it connects to the world beyond the classroom.

Innovative corporations, such as Intel and Google, use progressive workspaces to promote collaboration.

This video and information began my search to transform my classroom into a workshop or studio so my students could “do” and apply learning. In my language arts classroom, students were artists, poets, authors, investigators, editors, designers. Students choose tools, processes, and products to investigate, communicate, and produce topic information to share with others.

I hope to continue to encourage others to bring creativity and innovation into their classrooms and schools.

Educators around the world are sharing and collaborating to transform education towards a personal, student-led curriculum.


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