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CLMOOC: Connected Learning Open Online Collaboration

2013 Participant

2014-2015 Encourager/Facilitator

2016 Facilitator/Encourager


CLmaker: Hub of student blogs in CLMOOC fashion

Teachers First Educator Advisor Board 2015-16


Teachers First Educator Advisor Board 2014-15

Blogging 2014-15

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month [ updated yearly in November ]

Blogging 2013-14

Blog Newsletter


Goal: Read and write in projects for the 21st Century to meet the required standards.

Class Wiki: What Else?

Class Lesson Links


Grade 8

Eracism Flat Classroom Project

We may be observers or participants in the project.

We will debate in our classroom.

Grade 7

Persuasive Writing (WASL Prep)

Grades 5 6 7 8

Where I’m From for National Day of Writing

Past Projects:

Grade 6:

Reporters: Student Reporters  explore newswriting in the blogsphere.

Grade 5:

Cross Country Collaboration

Kim Trefz’s fifth grade writers join us learning the wonders of  a wordsmith.

Yes, We Can Serve VoiceThread

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