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Artist Resources

In my journey with art, I thank my teachers, artists who share their passion so that others may learn and grow. I am so grateful. Please follow my continued journey on my Art Blog: Sheri42: I Wonder If I Draw A Line.

Artist Teachers

In my blog posts, I may mention the classes, strategies, and brushes that many of these teachers have graciously shared or that are available at Skillshare or the artists’ websites for purchase. Follow these links to find access to the learning:

Jennifer Nichols of Leila and Po

Brenda Bakker — also known as DekWebbel

Tracey Capone

Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush

Teela Cunningham of Every Tuesday

Calvin the Drifter

Liz Kohler Brown

Cecile Yadro

Charly Clements


Priscilla Cardy of Cardwell and Ink

Inga Yoon on IG and Skillshare as Boo Studio

Addie Hanson of Wooly Pronto

Sue Momo brushes at Design Cuts

Tatiana at Tatyworks

Este Macleod

By learning from other artists, we build our confidence and learn to adapt and adjust without fear of being perfect— just make art every day!

Sources for Images

Images on the internet or Pinterest are not “free to use,” even just as reference. Luckily, there are copyright laws that protect even you, the artist.

So, always search for images that are available in perpetuity for both commercial and personal use– read the license carefully.

Here are some resources, but, again, read the license before using as a reference.

Learning Together

I look forward to your sharing, and please continue to be a part of the #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

For a bit about my journey so far, see this post: Wednesday WrapUp: An Art Reflection

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