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Day 210 Inktober PrOctober Day 9

Today’s  the  #doodleinstitute  prompt is “carrot.” I wanted to try something different, so I created an inspiration collection in my Pinterest. A few of those reminded me of Tracey Capone’s Skillshare class on digital paper collage. That would be a perfect style change– and I could add a rabbit in too! At first, I just had this huge 8×10 inch canvas where the carrots and bunny looked so alone in all that space. So I added the window. It makes no sense to see the carrots underground, but — it’s art! I guess I could “take the carrots out of the ground” and let the bunny be sitting on one!

Today’s #inktober2020 prompt, “throw,” took me but a minute to decide and not much longer to ink. I almost always miss.

#Proctober’s Inktober prompt today is “Hot Cocoa.” Again, I wanted to do something a bit different. I have started Jennifer Nichol’s Skillshare class on ProCreate repeat patterns, but did not have much luck with choosing my own shapes. We learned with dots, so I changed the colors of my dots to it with Hot Cocoa and added the mug and words for something different. I actually really like it. How about you?

Day 210 of Stay At Home

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I am way behind on my insect highway…

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