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Day 211 Inktober PrOctober Day 10

Today’s  the  #doodleinstitute  prompt is “rake.” After enjoying the beauty of our colorful leaves, eventually we must rake them up.

Today’s #inktober2020 prompt, “hope.” My inked drawing includes all people who want to work together for a better world, with compassion, kindness, and connection because, together, we can find the solutions needed for living safely and equitably through our compassion for one another. Those paths where we join together lead to a bounteous world for all of us.

#Proctober’s Inktober prompt today is “Apples or Caramel Apples.” Since I’ve already created a caramel apple, I decided to draw the ingredients. Once again, my poor husband is dismayed because we have none. He sighs, “I love carameled apples.”

I hope you join one of the challenges for Inktober. After all, there are many ways and interpretations of the prompts– they can fit your style and values, according to your application and adaptations. So, give it a try. Here are links to the three prompts I follow each day, and the Insect #DrawingDaily2020 for which I am so behind. See, do what you can!

PrOctober by Jennifer Nichols

Doodle Institute by Diane Bleck

Inktober by Jake Parker

#DrawingDaily2020 October Insects by Emily Patriquin

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