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Day 214 Inktober Proctober

Today, the  #doodleinstitute prompt, Slippers, was such fun. Do you see the rug? If I’m going to take off my slippers, I need a rug on which to place them! And I used the strategy from the “corn” prompt! Here’s how I drew it:

#Proctober’s Inktober prompt is “Tea or Teapot.” I”ll share tomorrow– I’ve just finished the tea cup and saucer, a replica of an antique from my mother– it may have been my grandmother’s. I’ll share tomorrow.

Dune,” the  #inktober2020 prompt today is intriguing. I did need to search for some examples, but when I found them, I noticed the resemblance to zentangle, which I’ve drawn before.

And we do have a few sand dunes in WA state at the Moses Lake Sand Dunes. We visited there last year– before all hell broke loose on the pandemic. That an the Apple screensaver provided a great resource in my memory to draw my “Dune.”

Enjoy a few views from the Moses Lake Sand Dunes:

Join the fun here:

Remember, you can join in the fun here:

PrOctober by Jennifer Nichols

Doodle Institute by Diane Bleck

Inktober by Jake Parker

#DrawingDaily2020 October Insects by Emily Patriquin

#WriteOut by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service

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