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Day 212 Inktober PrOctober Day 11

Wind arrived in the afternoon, along with some rain, bringing the lessons of nature close to my heart and providing the perfect illustration for the the  #doodleinstitute prompt, Wind. It even provided the focus for another project in which I love to participate: #WriteOut by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service. To the picture, I added my own poem. You can read about the project and my poem here:

Day 212 WriteOut Stories Around A Campfire

Disease,” the  #inktober2020 prompt today fit right in with the park theme because we need to protect our trees from disease, especially since climate change here makes the climate too dry during most of the year with too much rain at other times.

I choose to draw / ink a maple leaf with Maple Tar Spot disease. If you want to know more about plant diseases, take a look at this Pacific Northwest Extension publication, a Plant Disease Management Handbook. You can search for many tree problems in the search bar. For a few issues that might afflict your trees, read the University of Arkansas Common Forest Disease Problems.

May your trees be healthy

as we all learn to care for them better.

#Proctober’s Inktober prompt is “Corn.” A strategy I used to draw this, since drawing corn takes a long time, is to use symmetry mode to start:

  • In symmetry mode, draw in one long row of kernels.
  • Turn off symmetry and duplicate that layer
  • Move it to the left of the first one, overlapping a bit
  • Erase the parts of the first one that would be hidden by the second row.
  • Group those two rows and duplicate.
  • Move the duplicated rows to the left and flip them horizontally. Erase any needed lines.
  • Add the top rows of kernels, decreasing in size.
  • Duplicate the finished “cob” twice to create the three cobs.
  • Start the color process: a background color over all, topped with differing colors for individual kernels.
  • Add the husk to each cob.
Use symmetry on the first row/column–remove symmetry, duplicate the row and move to left; erase lines that the left column would cover up
Group the first two rows. Duplicate them. Move the duplicated row/column to the left and erase the lines the new two rows would cover
Draw in the top section of kernels.
Color each cob: a solid color over all, then top with the individual color variations.
Add the husk and you’re good to go for Corn on the Cob!

PrOctober by Jennifer Nichols

Doodle Institute by Diane Bleck

Inktober by Jake Parker

#DrawingDaily2020 October Insects by Emily Patriquin

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