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Day 213 WriteOut More on Wind

Traces of Summer Haiku for #writeout

Wind weaves traces of
summer: small gifts of color–
remnants of small joys.
~ Sheri Edwards

Today’s poem, a haiku by me on my photograph of on the footbridge to Cole Park

 #writeoutWrite Out is an October writing project by the National Writing Project. This year’s theme, Stories Around the Campfire, connects to the National Park Service theme for October. Here’s an introduction to get ready for the many ways and prompts in which you may get involved.

You don’t need a national park or a park– you just need a window to look outside. Or your backyard or front stoop. A local park is nice, or a spot in the wilds. All you need is a glance outside and reflection into the wonder of nature.

Today on our walk, we traced a usual path, including the footbridge to Cole Park, one of our neighborhood parks. On the footbridge, the wind had left some color for us to enjoy, so I snapped a photograph for my observation of nature today. At home, I wrote the poem and created the #writeout project for today, Day 2 of Stories Around the Campfire.

Footbridge to Cole Park
Another bridge over Fiddle Creek/ Cole Park

Slippery,” the  #inktober2020 prompt today fit right in with the park poetry idea at a smaller, hidden bridge over Fiddle Creek, the creek next to Cole Park. Or, another bridge along our path– more commonly used:

This will be early spring– the water flows right over the little bridge.

Either of those two bridges could be “slippery,” especially in early spring. My “inking” today, thanks to the inspiration of our park.

Standing on the bridge this summer: this!

What did you observe in the natural world today?

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