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Day 229 Inktober PrOctober Crows

Today’s #doodleinstitute prompt, “spider web,” was easy, since I planned ahead with my postcards for the family.

The  #inktober2020 prompt today, “FLOAT,”  was difficult. I choose to sketch, then ink another Fiddle Creek view with the autumn leaves floating in the creek.

I do the Inktober ink prompts the first thing in the morning, and I love it. It’s relaxing to start the day with creativity with one’s own hands. I may need to do this daily.

If you’re stressed out about the world wide pandemic and your own world, try a doodle first thing. It’s calming.

#Proctober’s Inktober prompt was “crows,” and I was not sure how I’d create this. First, I did some research:

The Difference Between Ravens and Crows.

I discovered that pixabay images include both raven and crows as tags, so the article helped me look at several photographs before drawing to find the ones that were crows. I studied each to discover the smaller shapes within the bird so I could draw my own.

I started by making the solid figures in layers of black tones according to the different shapes. I exported the image as jpgs to import them as brush stamps.

With the brushes, I stamped the three crows I had drawn and organized them in a new document. I added some highlights to the feathers and eyes and also a bit texture [rusted decay]. Then I drew and textured the branches.

I drew in a sun setting and added highlights to branches, cleaning up the highlights on the crows.

I love how it turned out after fretting about it!

Crows are often found in groups, calling to each other in the branches of trees. I’ve seen thirty or more together in one large tree by the courthouse in Ephrata. Fascinating creatures, although I like ravens better. We see ravens in pairs along the highway as we travel our area.

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