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Day 228 Inktober PrOctober Scarecrow

#Proctober’s Inktober prompt was “scarecrow,” which was Doodle Institute prompt a while ago and shared here. So, I decided to zoom in on the scary face with the moon behind and eyes glowing. Isn’t it fun? I think so!

Today’s #doodleinstitute prompt, “bat,” I’ve done before as well– but I took the same focus as the scarecrow with the bat in the moonlight. It was fun to create the effect with air bushes and cloud washes. I used my own tree and bat “stamp” brushes! Very fun.

The  #inktober2020 prompt today, “MUSIC,” was a prompt from past years. I did not want to ink my usual musical notes or some instrument. Instead, the best music to my ears [after the laughter of grandchildren] is the song of a songbird. In this case, the meadowlark, which I’ve heard since I was born, since the bird lives across the prairies of western United States. I love the yellow birds and look forward to their first chirp in late spring. I hope you like it.

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Enjoy the song of the meadowlark:

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