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Day 224 Inktober PrOctober Scares

Isn’t that the cutest snail ever? We just don’t think about them, but if you’ve ever watched a scarey monster movie, you might find that the monster is based on the mouth of a snail– with 80 rows of 33 teeth each, continuously chewing and falling out and replacing themselves. Scary. Glad the #Proctober’s Inktober prompt was “Snail,” so we all could learn a bit about these slinking creatures.

Source: NPR: Why Dentists Should Fear Snails

Well– that’s a scary scarecrow defending his corn! It’s the #doodleinstitute prompt, “Scarecrow.”

And the  #inktober2020 prompt today, “RIP,” is from our backyard– we have a statue of a cougar we bought one year when the grandkids were young and were afraid of the cougars who lurk in the forests and grasslands around our community. And, when our old cat, Yoda, died, we buried him beneath the perfect RIP gravestone for a cat, our concrete cougar statue.

It’s getting close to Halloween, a scary time of year of tricks and treats. The prompts joined in the fun. Remember, you can join in too:

PrOctober by Jennifer Nichols

Doodle Institute by Diane Bleck

Inktober by Jake Parker

#DrawingDaily2020 October Insects by Emily Patriquin


Day 224 of Covid Stay At Home

Day 603 of daily blogging

Day 23 of Inktober

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