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Day 226 Inktober PrOctober Spiders

Today’s art includes three prompts:

the #Proctober’s Inktober prompt was “spiders,” so I made myself a set of stamps in Procreate so I could apply them whenever needed. For fun, I stamped my web across the canvas and added some of my favorite spider stamps from my own collection. I added the moonlight to shine on them:

For the #doodleinstitute prompt, “deer,” I decided to practice drawing from a sketch and then played around different brush techniques, including the nikko rull, hartz, and rainforest, large ink bleed. I also added texture and for the evergreens, I duplicated and recolored layers, adjusting placement to get a bit of depth. It’s not very good, but practice with the different brushes and techniques is a good thing:

And the  #inktober2020 prompt today, “BUDDY,” was a fun one. I sketched from a picture– I think it is my husband and I walking down the street.

Remember, you can join in too:

PrOctober by Jennifer Nichols

Doodle Institute by Diane Bleck

Inktober by Jake Parker

#DrawingDaily2020 October Insects by Emily Patriquin


Day 226 of Covid Stay At Home

Day 605 of daily blogging

Day 25 of Inktober

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