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Remember e pluribus unum

crowd filled with diverse peoples in celebration of July 4, 2014 in front of Grand Coulee Dam --e pluribus unum

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Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Remember when we could safely go to a theater, a grocery store, a park, a celebration gathering, like this one for the Fourth of July, 2014? It took this photo then and applied a “painting” technique to it with an app [Painteresque]. I cannot find my original.

Remember when we could attend a city council meeting or a school board meeting and discuss policy, curriculum, and issues? Discuss?

Now these officials are resigning because of the intimidation of gun-toting yellers disrupting democracy to demand a white-washing of all aspects of American society and denial of science. As if other people and facts do not exist. It’s disgusting and undemocratic.

These people who stepped up to help govern receive death threats. All of these threats should be investigated– these right wing autocrats must not be allowed to take away the rights of others.

Let alone we can’t go to a park without fear that some gun-toting misfit decides to fire at innocents.

I’m so sick of it.

They are now running for offices all around the country– running on white supremacist and anti-women propaganda. It’s the opposite of what the United States was founded upon: e pluribus unum – out of many, one. One nation of many peoples. I like the part in Wikipedia that explains a further meaning:

his discussion of basic family and social bonds as the origin of societies and states: “When each person loves the other as much as himself, it makes one out of many” (unum fiat ex pluribus), as Pythagoras wishes things to be in friendship.

Wikipedia: e pluribus unum [emphasis mine]

Believing in that again, would make America great again.

Remember: e pluribus unum

Safely could we congregate
All of us as one
e pluribus unum
Americans love, not hate.

Lately noisy people agitate
Guns on hips displayed
Yelling and announcing
Violence to discriminate

Surely, “Make America Great”
Is all of us as one
e pluribus unumAmericans love, not hate.

Sheri Edwards
081622 230.365.22

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I guess they do not understand.

Much better to work together.

Remember: e pluribus unum
on the only planet we have.

Celebrate your life,
Share your day with others; sense
The essence of us.

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