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Day 113 Fourth of July

Just_States_Not_United 2

Today is the Fourth of July.

Usually I wear red, white, and blue. I even set out my red and white striped shirt and navy blue pants. But, I put them away.

I cannot celebrate an Independence Day when every American is not free to assemble, free to research and report on the news as journalists, free to walk down the street in any neighborhood, free to drive down the highway and not fear being stopped by police.

We are still fighting for liberty, for justice, for equality for all Americans.

And, by extension,  the rights of others not Americans who are visiting or living in our country– their rights should be honored as well.

So, I am not celebrating this Fourth of July.

In the past, our area has supported a “Festival of America,” and people from all over the world came to enjoy the crafts, art, music, dance, and fireworks. We joined together in a diverse American family. I wrote about “The Idea of America” here.

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our festival was cancelled. Our local campgrounds are open, though, and so we took a drive along Banks Lake.

This was my first time out in a couple weeks. I stay home away from others, but sometimes we take a drive.

It was great to see families able to get out and enjoy the warm weather together.

It was not good to see the local Safeway Grocery Store parking lot filled with people, and only two wearing masks.

As Americans, we should be taking care of the public good. Part of the American way is a public spirit, for the public good.  When did we lose that?

Here’s the view of the lake:

Enjoy your Fourth of July safely. I’ll celebrate when the nation is truly free.

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