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Daily Create Melody Bot Critque

music score of AI music bot

Daily Create

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Critque MelodyBot3456 , which creates short musical pieces with AI magic.

Ok– I found one, and I thought Melody did so well in her rendition of Melody Bot ‘s composition of “Cat’s Eyes” [my name].

Cat’s Eyes

Here’s what I told Melody:

Melody Bot Critique: Cat’s Eyes

Oh, Melody! I love that you perfected this tune of a cat’s eyes following the chickadee darting within the bush for a dinner of insects. 


Take a listen again and see what I mean:

It could also be our wild cat’s eyes after a night out returning in the morning, her eyes darting to watch where our hands move as we to try to pet her but she watches them so she can bat at them [with claws, in the mornings]– because she doesn’t know they are attached to the humans she loves.

cat watching its prey

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