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August Doodle Bunkbed

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August Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Prompt Week: Bedroom —- Today: Bunkbed

#makingarteveryday Week 33

I really tried at perspective today.Just one-point perspective. I should have added some “fluff” to the lower blanket. Of course, clothes should be hanging around with books and colors and art on the floor. But then I would have lost what persepective I did accomplish. LOL


When the grandkids were little, we had one set of bunkbeds.They fought a bit and took turns over the top bunk, of course. The rest scattered around the floor in sleeping bags, wall to wall. If you’ve had cousin sleep-overs, you know the sound of giggles, and the sound of silence when they were planning something.

A little bit of Family Camp, created by Ashlyn.

There’s also a video of the kids in a “detective” skit they wrote, created costumes and props, and acted and videoed, creating the final version in iMovie. But, it’s on private mode. Now, that was a fun Cousin Camp video!

And, when I was young, until I was in third grade, we lived in a very small house with only one very small bedroom. My parents slept in a sofa bed, my older brother made a room for himself in the basement– he was about ready to graduate and pretty much on his own.

My little brother and I slept on bunk beds that pretty much filled the room, except for the dresser I wrote about yesterday [I wrote about our next house in that story].

I got the top– cuz I was older and my little brother would sleep-walk to breakfast cereal in the middle of the night.

And we did have one window which looked out to the row of lilac bushes where, in summer, we would imagine a fort and make mud pies. In the winter, we’d be amazed at Jack Frost’s art on the windows.

There’s a dresser story in this little house too. When I was three years old, some how I found my mom’s lipstick in that dresser. And, knowing three-year-olds you know where that lipstick went. Everywhere in all kinds of lovely lines. Lipstick is so silky and smooth to draw with. I covered myself in art before falling asleep.

At about that time, mom peeked in to check on me and screamed. She rushed to me and called my name, pulling me close to her in fear. She thought someone had crawled through the window and beat me.

I don’t remember this, but my mom told the story many times. A mother’s fear: harm to her babies.

And finally, what I remember most about the bunkbeds was when my brother and I were a bit sick and staying in our beds, mostly sleeping. I don’t know if you know, but people used to get sick a lot more– we didn’t have the knowledge or vaccines we do now.

Anyway, my big brother promised to bring something for us from the carnival where he took his date. And he did it! He returned home with HUGE teddy bears. They seemed to be as tall as we were. Mine was yellow and white and my brother’s was teal and white. We kept those bears for a long, long time.

I did leave out one part — the wooden part my dad made that fit across the length of the top bunk so I wouldn’t fall out. I think they make those with the beds now.

And that’s the memory and perspective for bunkbeds.

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