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Technology: How It Helps

Matt Renwick PortfolioSummer professional development: my choice!

Matt Renwick of Reading by Example has invited educators to a month-long book club study of his Digital Student Portfolios ebook. Read his overview intro post here and join the Google+ Community. It promises to be a great learning experience.

We’ve started with a challenge, answering:

How has technology impacted your instruction and student learning?

I’m still learning and growing with technology, and helping students develop a portfolio is one of my goals this year — for them to have more control of their learning through their reflection, revisions, peer reviews, and sharing. I’ve got some of this in place… but hope to learn from my new colleagues at Digital Student Portfolios.

This video explains the Thinglink below, which links to the changes in my classroom, changes that have brought more engagement, more focused learning, and more collaboration between students and myself and students and their peers. It’s not entertaining, but… here goes:

Open Thinglink to view and click links to resources.


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  1. Wow, Susan! I love your introduction movie for the book club! It sounds like you are doing amazing things with students at your school! I can’t wait to learn with you! Beth Bartolotta

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