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CLMOOC 2015: Inquiry Group

Thinking about this:

Next week is my last week of school this year. On Thurs and Fri I will be cleaning out 30 years of middle school language arts curricula I have used and created based on the works of those who have inspired me: James Moffitt, Donald Graves, Donald Murray, Nanci Atwell, Peter Elbow, Frank Smith, Jim Burke, Regie Routman, Judith Langer, and more. It’s hard to let go of one’s life ( and education is my life ), and I will be thinking of this inquiry question as I clear/clean my room for next year. Do I toss it all and start anew knowing I am well­-versed and now need to focus much more on empowering students for a future hard to imagine?

I know that my middle school students are hunters, fishers, dirt bikers, gamers, athletes, a few poets, a few dancers, snapchatter­ers, a few musicians, several care­givers, and just kids, most surviving circumstances I can barely imagine. School is last on most of my students’ minds.


How do I create this place I call school into spaces for learning so students choose to direct their learning that could empower their lives?

How do I create this place I call school into spaces for learning where students choose to and are empowered to direct their own learning?

What “learning” would these middle schoolers choose?

What language arts “learning” would they choose?

These are my struggles each year.

Thanks for starting this inquiry track in #CLMOOC .

How can we create spaces for learning where students are empowered to direct their own learning?

Michael S. Weller's Blog

The official start for CLMOOC 2015 is fast approaching, and this year I will be on the support team for the second time.  I’m especially excited for this year’s iteration because of the strand I’m organizing.

For lack of a better term, we’re calling it an inquiry group.  I say “for lack of a better term” because, after all, all of CLMOOC is a kind of inquiry group!  The project I have in mind, however, will be a strand that will look specifically at ways to “bring CLMOOC back home” to inform our practice during the (non-summer) academic year.

As I mentioned on the NWP Radio broadcast that is airing today at 4 pm Pacific, I’m interested in conducting formal research in my classroom, but anyone who is interested in inquiry in any setting, to any degree of formality or informality, is welcome to join in.  Like other areas of…

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