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August Doodle Livingroom Chair

framed living room with flower curtens and a swivel rocker chair beside a table and zpetrope lamp with birds on it

August Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Prompt Week: Livingroom —- Today: Seating


Another Art as Memory #artasmemory 

The swivel rocker was everyone’s favorite chair. My little brother and I fought over it. When my parents weren’t in the room, we’d — you guessed it– pull it out to spin round and round.

But the reason I remember it is because the only time I remember being really sick as a kid, probably with the flu or maybe the whooping cough, this chair made me feel better. It was cozy and comfortable as I wrapped up in a blanket with a pillow.

And that lamp was a zoetrope— when turned on the shade showed moving animals shining in the light.

I have no idea where it came from– whether someone brought it over to distract me, a gift from my mom’s brothers, or what. Because the only time I remember it, is during this time I was so sick.

Mom would turn on the lamp and I would be mesmerized by and fall asleep to the little moving creatures. It was beautiful.

The chair looked pretty much like that so you can see how a child could curl up on it.

I added the colorful drapes which are not the pattern my mom had: here’s were a modern art geometric shapes pattern but in those colors. The windows were similar to that on the porch, but not in the living room– but the effect is the same.

The main thing is that mauve colored swivel rocker and that moving pictures lamp. I remember when I was feeling better that I examined the lamp, looking down at it to figure out how it worked. But I don’t remember it after that time. Oops. I hope I didn’t break it while figuring it out. I don’t think so, because I would remember the spanking. Ha.

Still, I’m feeling better about the world already, just remembering it.


  • Lisa Bardot Basic Brush Set; Imperfect Pattern Set
  • Jennifer Nichols: Acrylic Super Streaky brush and Stripe pattern
  • Wooly Pronto Leaves brush
  • My swirls and bird brushes
  • Noise Brush

See links to mentioned artists here: Artist Resources

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