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August Doodle Favorite Kitchen Decor

wooden kitchen wall decor and cutting board in shape of a bear haning on a tan striped wall

August Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Prompt Week: Kitchen —- Today: Favorite Decor


My favorite kitchen decor is this bear cutting board made by my son when he was in junior high while he worked building cabinetry in his father’s business.

It was a delightful surprise at Christmas– something made by hand and which I had no knowledge. Of course, I hung it on the wall because I couldn’t bear to harm the bear, it being shaped and blended together with wood-working skill of my son, who just celebrated his fiftieth birthday this year.

And it is still there so every time I look at it, I think of him and that surprise and all that he is and was and came to be. So proud.

hanging on a white wall is a handcrafted wooden cutting board in the shape of a bear with two darker wooden strips at neck and waist

Another Art as Memory #artasmemory 

Lisa Bardot Basic Brush Set; Imperfect Pattern Set

Jennifer Nichols: Acrylic Super Streaky brush and Stripe pattern

 #makingarteveryday #bardotbrush #augustdoodle #cldoodle22  #warmup4art #clmooc #ipadartwithjennifernichols #kitchendecor #cuttingboard #bear 

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