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Daily Create Window to the Morning

cat in backyard on potting bench, on guard for any and all creatures that dare to enter her domain as she lays by the sunflower designed pot of sunflowers. A dirty garden glove dangles on the shelf above her.
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Daily Note & Daily Create

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Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today’s Daily Create to write a tanka poem brought me to browse my photos with the search term “nature.” And wouldn’t you know it, the cat on her potting bench throne showed up– the place she commands the neighborhood, ruling over all the neighborhood cats and tracking the flight of birds, butterflies, and bees. That’s her job. Occasionally, she jumps down to catch an insect or mouse that might happen to hop and move within her range– which is quite far. And she gets to that potting bench by disturbing us to open the window for her to walk out– just before the “crack of dawn.” And so, this tanka:

Window to the Morning

Robins sing “first light,
first light” before sun spreads rays
of warmth over earth
and ears perk up; one eye looks
and cat, out the window, goes.

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