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Daily Create Sounds in the Backyard Poetry

Daily Create and Daily Note

Today’s Daily Create i — #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3774 —- is to listen and then write a Sound Poem. I have a favorite listening spot —Just outside the back door.

Turkey, wrens, robins, chickadee, finch, junco, and more sing in our backyard. The deer munch on all of our greenery, but they don’t make much sound. Our huge sycamore drops its large and many leaves in the late fall, usually after the first snow, and so still remain tucked around the edges or scooped up into a pile long into spring and early summer. The highway runs a block east through town to a bridge over the Columbia River. The neighborhood’s quiet song of basketballs, children’s laughter, a skateboard here and there, walkers, and chatting with one another is as pleasant as one could ever wish for. Today, the poem captured a bit of this within the turmoil of whatever is amazingly still shocking in the news of a supposedly free country, supposedly with separation of church and state.

And so, the poem for today, and today’s world.

Just outside the back door

Chickadee dee
Flirp of the robin
Gobble of the turkey strutting away
Hum of a car on the distant
Clunks of a semi over on the
Thump de thump of the cat running
back inside
Where a drawer slides open,
pauses, clink of silverware,
and closes
Soft vroom of the motor starting in
the work truck next door
Rustle from the breeze or a critter
slipping through, away from the cat
In the crisp autumn leaves of the
sycamore still clinging
to the edges of the yard

A sigh from me
for the peace of the scene,
Lost in the whisper of women’s
freedom, a fading dream.

Sheri Edwards
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