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Day 810 MayDoodle Contour Curious Cat

May Doodle

For larger image see teach.eagle Sheri42 at Flickr

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.

Back to a contour— this time my cat — a bit bright and abstract!


  • Procreate monoline and studio pen for outline and noise for shading/highlights
  • Jennifer Nichols- Big Monoline for eraser and background pattern textures; 
  • Bee from Bits and Bobs from Sue Momo / Design Cuts.  

Inspired by Cardwell and Ink Skillshare Contour Botanicals class and by Jennifer’s framing technique for making it watercolor paper-like on the edges.

I created about eight different versions— with the cat solid insert in many iterations of colors and without the insert. I love this yellow one the best, though my cat is wild “Torby”—a tortoise-shell / tabby combo with attitude.

Curious Crazy Purry Pal

See links to mentioned artists here: Artist Resources

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