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Ah To See Again

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

Today is May 12th, but I accidentally published today’s poem yesterday with the date May 12th, so today I’m writing for May 11th, but it’s really today, May 12th when my new glasses arrived. Actually, they are new lenses in my old frames because I love the teal and purple colors.

Anyway, after two years without glasses I could see out of due to not being able to see an eye doctor because of COVID restrictions, I finally was able to find a doctor who followed the protocols for COVID and required masks and could get an appointment now that we know how to be safe. My new eye doctor is very professional and knowledgeable and today my glasses were ready!

And I can see again. I’ll be able to better figure out the mysteries we watch on TV because I’ll be able to see the faces of the characters and not mix them up. LOL.

Now if I can figure out how to watch one of our favorite’s, The Murdoch Mysteries, because they are not on Acorn TV anymore and there IS a new huge series out!

And I can see what’s up ahead on our walks and across the street and even across the river! It’s amazing how beautiful the world is.

And so a quick little poem.


I can see
I can see the lilacs sweet
I can see way across the river
I can see the sunlight quiver
I can see the sidewalk at my feet
I can see the songbirds as they tweet
With new glasses I can see
The little things of joy to me
I wish that with this new found sight
I could see love in the world tonight.

Sheri Edwards
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