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Enjoy this little fairy dance tune from my grandson, Jordan— s0vr9000 on SoundCloud: Heartbeats. [see post Whisper of the Wind]

Daily Note

My grandson, Jordan, is a mathematical whiz, and he has always enjoyed math, puzzles, coding, and music. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and pursues the magic of math and science in all that he does. In music he sees both science and math, and composes his own music through that lens.

He’s helped me with projects like this one about Earth’s Music.

And today he’s published his first composition, Cadmium Shield on Apple and Spotify— though he has been composing his own music for over ten years. I hope you take a listen! He says:

My artwork is mathematically generated via iterative maps and discrete attractors, so it’s not just my musical art, it’s my creative expression in its entirety.

The math art and the piano electronica is all I really need. Here are the Spotify and Apple Music links to my first single!



Needless to say, his family and I am so proud of him. And so, this little poem about the mathemusical Jordan and his music- It’s mathemagical!


Melodies float and flow
Each note a tone just so
Each tone a memory
A timing held and spent
An essential element
Tied in earth’s every
Connected filament
Of sounds reverberant
In compositions whole
Where math makes music’s soul.

For Jordan
Sheri Edwards
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    • I’m glad you were able to listen– it’s really quite extraordinary how he composes them. On SoundCloud he can tell the story, but on the “big” platforms, he cannot. Still, I’m glad he decided to share his creativity. I’ve spent hours sitting with him, hearing the story of his compositions and listening to him play the keyboard, his fingers flying so fast as if Mozart is flowing through him. His favorite influence besides math and science, especially the periodic table’s mathematical sequences, is Beethoven. Thanks again. ~ Sheri

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