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Day 541 Daily Create Computer Magic Music

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3523]

 #tdc3523 #ds106 This Song Does Not Exist (until it does)

This Daily Create is very special to me– the sweet melody in the background was composed by my grandson Jordan Fischer using mathematical progressions– I believe the Lucas Numbers and the Pisano Period. He says it is a variation of the Fibonacci sequence. He knows what that means. I don’t. He has a B.S in Mathematics, a mathematician.

Find the original song here on SoundCloud: Years Ago Remake / This Spoon is Too Big:

Jordan gave me permission to share this song to accompany my project for today’s Daily Create.

First I chose the topic, EARTH, at the A-I lyric generating website to create lyrics; it took several tries until I thought the lyrics might work.

Next, with the photograph I took of Banks Lake near Steamboat Rock during wildfire season, July, 2021, I added the lyrics [image above.]

With the text of the generated lyrics, I opened GarageBand and recorded those lyrics as they were read by the English/Scottish computer voice Fiona.

Jordan sent me the file for his Years Ago song which I added as a track to GarageBand and sent the narrated melody of that combined recording to my Music app.

I opened iMovie to upload the image and added the narrated music and transitions, which I uploaded to YouTube for our enjoyment of this very special Daily Create.

Thank you Jordan.

Summary Credits:


The musical melody was composed by Jordan Fischer through mathematical progressions. Original song on SoundCloud –Used with permission.

Lyrics generated by A-I at website

 and read by computer voice Fiona

Photography by Sheri Edwards [Banks Lake near Steamboat Rock, July, 2021]

Created for sharing to The Daily Create  #tdc3523 #ds106 This Song Does Not Exist (until it does)

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