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Slice of Life Disappointment

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today I found a lovely little pink flower growing in the driveway and moving into the grass. I wanted to transplant it into the garden and let it bloom at the edges, but my husband said, “You better check that we’d not be propagating an obnoxious weed.”

So I conducted a reverse image search in google— but it only found phlox, which it definitely is not.

So I entered these key words “weed pink five petals small frilly leaves” and immediately discovered that these are from Europe, Asia and North Africa and are called Geranium Robertianum, or Robert geranium or Stinky Bob in the United States [Wikipedia].

But in the United States, in Washington State— they are obnoxious weeds to be pulled up and discarded. Apparently they overtake the entire understory, even in the shade, and so eliminate our native flora. [Washington State Northwest Obnoxious Weed Control Board].

So disappointing. And so, a poem.


Five petaled pink
Caught my eye today
“Oh look, I think
A gift in the driveway!
Let’s move it to a place, here
In the garden —let it seed!”
“No” said he in a sneer
“Not that obnoxious weed!”

Sheri Edwards
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