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Daily Create MayDoodle Petrykivka Art

May Doodle and the Daily Create: a recent art discovery

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. And today I took a class on Skillshare class by Inga Yoon: Petrykivka – Ukrainian Folk Art: Digital Floral Illustration – Combination of Gouache and Watercolor. It just so happens that today’s Daily Create [ #ds106 @ds106dc   #tdc3762 ] is: Your recent discovery in art!

Serendipity! So my Daily Create and my May Doodle is this lovely floral folk art from Ukraine called Petrykivka. I added a few ideas in my Folk Art Board on Pinterest. And here is my class project: Delightful Folk Art.

The style includes florals and nature elements like birds in bright colors. I learned in the Wikipedia article that the art form includes four main brush strokes: Petrykivka. The brushstroke we learned in this class is to brush so the brightest part of the color is in the middle of the petal, leaf, berry, etc. The edges and ends of each element are darker.

It’s a bright and cheerful style that I think I’ll keep trying. I appreciate Inga’s lesson and help in developing my skills in this art form.

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