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Slice of Life from Friends: Rejoice

Thank you, Sarah

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yesterday’s poem about Geranium Robertianum, or Robert geranium or Stinky Bob showed my disappointment at discovering this lovely flower was a weed.

The next section was supposed to be a Google Photo Album. I cannot embed the Google Photo Album. I don’t know if it’s Google or WordPress but it’s very frustrating. I don’t know why embedding a Google Album should be so difficult on WordPress. So I used an app called PicsPlayPost to create this little album of my research photos:


Five petaled pink
Caught my eye today
“Oh look, I think
A gift in the driveway!
Let’s move it to a place, here
In the garden —let it seed!”
“No” said he in a sneer
“Not that obnoxious weed!”

Sheri Edwards
050122 122.365.22


Today’s poem is “Rejoice” after my friend Sarah commented on yesterday’s post that the plant is probably common storks-bill, or Erodium cicutarium. She even sent me a link to a picture and that sent me on a research adventure. It’s called storks-bill, redstem filaree, or pinweed. It’s forage for many animals and livestock, Gamebirds, songbirds and rodents eat its seeds. It’s seeds spiral into the ground— an amazing design by nature. Here’s more about this wildflower, including it’s fascinating seed unwrapping itself and drilling into the soil:

A few resources:

Today’s Poetry


Five petaled pink
A friend would name today
“Oh look, I think
Stork’s bill in your driveway!
Wildflower: critter food, here
It will spread — its spiral seed!”
“Yes” smiled I with a cheer
“I’m so glad it’s not a weed!”

Sheri Edwards
050222 123.365.22

As you can see in the pictures— I picked a small rosette of the plant to identify it correctly. It may be a subspecies because its “furry” parts are not as visible as the one on the online plant site. Still, I think it is pinweed and we can encourage it to grow a bit. Just a bit.

Thank you, Sarah, for guiding me to the a happy ending. 🙂

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