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Day 383 Daily Create Daydream

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3366] is to share what tends to be our daydreams.

Mine is to continue the stories I’ve written for NaNoWriMo because they usually are not yet complete, and I love imagining what could be. I imagine the characters and settings, but not really the plot. The plot develops from the character adventures in my writing moments.

Last year’s novel is definitely not finished, and because I created almost daily illustrations for it, I keep expanding those visions and the story in my mind. I should go back and write— right now I’ve actual art work today and that takes precedence to my make-believe world.

Walter heads to the meadow with a dragon stone — the meadow of the dragon sighting from the elder. There’s sure to be a tense meeting of the elusive dragons who carry the secret to help the village.

My main character was Willow, but Walter has taken over, being there in the background the whole time and now— the one who dares discover the dragon.

And I don’t yet know what that secret is! I can think about it, daydream about it, but until my fingers start typing the words of Walter’s adventure, I can’t say what will actually happen. The future, like reality, is unknown. Such is the life of a “by the seat of your pants” AKA “pantser” writer.

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