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Day 383 Sounds from Then

Sounds from Then

Vroom” “Errrrt” sound effects 

for Hot Wheels rolling 

across the coffee table 

to their garage,

the steady patter 

of a spring rain on the window 

grey in clouds, 

and the sweet sound 

of a giggling toddler 

waking from his nap.

Memory is the sunshine 

forever shining 

behind the clouds.

Sheri Edwards
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Daily Note
Every day, a photograph, a poem.  Today my friend Terry wrote a beautiful poem of memories to which I responded with my appreciation for it. He then, of course, asked for mine, which became today’s poem and photo.

The photo are toys from the grandkids’ room. The red stacking toy was my son’s from 1972. The car and frog were little interesting things for my grandkids, part of a larger array of make-believe making toys and art supplies and books, and gifts to leave at geo-caching sites.

My older son played for hours with his hot wheels, organizing and imagining their trips around his imaginary town, making sound effects as he drove and parked and backed up and drove off again.

Luckily my younger son gave him this time taking his nap, and he would wake up and giggle and call out while find a way out before I could get there. Because he always moved forward…with or without you, a plan in his head to complete and compete.

Two darlings, in their own way.

Thanks, Terry, for the sunshine.

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