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Day 382 MarchDoodle Floral to Abstract


My CLmooc friends doodle everyday. Today I chose my design challenge of floral folk art as a prompt, rather than from DoodleADay ElloLovey. See all the entries here: DoodleADayMarch. We also participate in the “#sketchdesignrepeat #3x3designchallenge” sketch design challenge— and this week we move into geometric / abstract.

In my image you can see going clockwise: a new floral design with stripes, a stylized version of the floral, the stylized version with stripes, and an abstract in the same colors.

The abstract version is number four in my trials to get an abstract I liked. I just couldn’t get anything that looked, I don’t know, pleasant, I guess. Finally I just inked in some loose oblong shapes, then added above and below to the blobs in different colors and dotted them at the top. I duplicated those, changed the colors and arranged them all. Then I created the pattern block and added the grids and a bit of texture into the center that’s left when you make the pattern block.

If you use Procreate and want to learn how to create a pattern, here’s a wonderful tutorial from Jennifer Nichols: Pattern Design.

If you looked at my Daily Create and Daily Note today, you’ll see I love surface design– I love making patterns– but the most difficult part for me is the colors. Even when I choose a palette recommended by others, I somehow don’t choose from those in the right proportions– like which would make the best background and which would work best as the main color? I’ve taken several color theory classes, but it just doesn’t sink in. In the end, I think it’s also personal tastes. One of the important things, though, is to limit the palette to 3 to 5 colors. That does help.

So…. what’s your favorite color palette?

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