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Day 380 MarchDoodle Floral Designs


My CLmooc friends doodle everyday. Today I chose my design challenge of floral folk art as a prompt, rather than from DoodleADay ElloLovey. See all the entries here: DoodleADayMarch. Also, some of us are also participating in the “#sketchdesignrepeat #3x3designchallenge” sketch design challenge— and that’s the floral part of this design.

In the Waves doodle, I created some flower motifs which today I arranged into four different designs, which you can see in the doodle for today above. I can upload those into my RedBubble account to create print on demand items like dresses and tshirts. I might do that.

To create the patterns I followed the directions of one of my teachers who wrote her process for Spoonflower on their blog: Jennifer Nichols Repeat Patterns. If you have Procreate, you can give it a try!

I love creating repeat patterns and, hopefully, one day I’ll create one that’s lovely. I’m still a beginner, and a lot of us are. You can find complex and simple, expert and novice examples here on the Instagram “#sketchdesignrepeat #3x3designchallenge” page.

My favorite design that I have illustrated so far is this one in bright pink and brown florals. And a related pattern with a hedgehog is a clock on my wall!

Some people are so prolific, but, as a novice, I just keep plugging along for those designs that do come together, like the ones above.

Life is like that– ups and downs, trial and error, failures and successes. We just keep going, because, as lots of people say, “It’s better than the alternative.”

Take care. Stay safe! Take up art to brighten every day!

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