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Day 379 Daily Create FanFiction

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3362] is to read and record a bit of fan fiction.

I chose to find some Star Trek Fan Fiction. I found a story, Beyond Worlds, by “Needs Pseudonym,” about the first meeting of Victoria and Leonard McCoy.

Victoria is Sulu’s husband’s sister and former babysitter of Jim Kirk who is now captain of the Enterprise— James T Kirk. Leonard McCoy, aka Bones, is Chief Medical Officer of Enterprise. [My Vocaroo recording]

“Please don’t be offended, it had nothing to do with you or that atrocious name Jim calls you.” McCoy snorted in appreciation of her disdain for his hated nickname. “It’s just that whenever he talks about you, he makes you sound old!”

Ah, that explained it. McCoy snorted. “Darlin’, I am old.”

Beyond Worlds, by “Needs Pseudonym”

My sketch is from this NASA image of the “Enterprise” crew at NASA. DeForest Kelley played the part of “Bones” in the series, which is still one of my favorite shows and movies. I miss those characters– I love the remakes.

One of my favorite scenes by Bones, as played by Karl Urban in Star Trek :

“Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” Bones

Such a great line, and every time something spooky happens, that’s my go to line. After all, our planet IS in space and so are we!

What is your favorite Star Trek scene?


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