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Day 365 Daily Create Drive Through

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3348] is to drive through a city and write a one sentence travelogue. The Drive and Listen site lets you choose cities where a video drives you through that city, and you can choose to listen to the local radio and the street noise.

I chose Stockholm, Sweden since Glascow, Scotland wasn’t listed. My ancestors are from Sweden, and this would be a great way to see the place some of my relatives may live. I listened to the street noise and not the radio, and I watched both videos — one from a very early spring before the trees began to bud and one during a heavy snowfall. I took these notes:


traffic lights 

turn signal

clean streets

rectangular block buildings

some glass building extensions

repair on old building

winter, no leaves on trees, but no one is wearing heavy coats

no snow

clean streets

bike lanes

trafic signals

public buses and bus stops

fenced park

old city with  old buildings kept up nicely




Ramlosa— carbonated spring water




bus lanes

cobblestone rumble streets



garden fair

trimmed trees

really clean streets except for one box by the trash cans.

scooters parked.

lots of bicycles parked


windshield wipers

wet snow


streets covered; plowed


pretty bumpy

people bundled up warm

some with boots, some with out

snow steadily falls

cars covered in snow so fresh.

Drive and Listen site

Yes! A 7-11!

My Travelogue on the Stockholm Drive-Through:

Stockholm, Sweden, an old city of many 6-7 story old buildings and newer block and glass styled ones, all well kept with clean streets bustling with joggers, shoppers, bicyclists traveling through the traffic signs and signals, and in winter a heavy snowfall can suddenly dump its heavy, wet whiteness across the cars and streets but people are still out and about, walking and driving to the local 7-11.

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