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Day 364 March Doodle pasta


My CLmooc friends doodle everyday. Today I chose “pasta” as a prompt from DoodleADay ElloLovey. See all the entries here: DoodleADayMarch.

Another fun one — Just think of all the kinds of pasta! And none if it can I eat! Except, according to this article on WebMD, I could. Take a look: Pasta Isn’t Bad For You.

When I make pasta, I use large sized pasta so I can easily pick out the pasta and dish up most to my husband, because, though the article says it doesn’t soar blood sugar, I’ve found it does elevate it and that’s not good for me. I’m pretty picky about watching that.

And, I just discovered, that cooking pasta to “al dente,” still a bit firm, keep the glycemic level low. Overcooking is a no-no and raises the glycemic level. Read this Consumer Reports article for more information: Is Pasta Healthy?

So…. I guess I’ll review my use of pasta!

What’s your favorite recipe?


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