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Day 365 Little Bit of Blue

Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem.

There’s something we’ve been waiting for as we walk through our little town park. We check every day, just across the bridge under the lilac tree just the below the tennis courts where today roller bladers enjoyed the soft floor, much to any tennis players dismay.

We step off the path and search the ground for the blades poking through, but have found none, though March is when the spring, still cool, brings them out.

But today, just over the edge of the bank by the creek and just around the corner of the foot bridge, a little patch of blue beamed up at us. What a joy to know that spring is here for sure.


A Little Bit of Blue

Peeking out below

Oregon grape, spring pops 

in a bit of blue.

Sheri Edwards
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Poetry / Photography

I discovered that they are not native to North America but have been naturalized, which is why they are blooming here in Washington State. They are called Scilla, squills, or bluebells.

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