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Day 330 Daily Create Geography

Daily Create

The Famous Moves to England

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3313 ] Apparently, someone misnamed a place on Twitter and that inspired today’s request: move a famous place to England. Take at look at some of the creative responses.

I chose to take what I see out my living room window — the Grand Coulee Dam — a place it as part of a newly reconstructed London Tower Bridge on the Thames.

I found a “no known copyright” old picture of the London Tower Bridge on Flickr Commons. I imported it into Procreate.

On top of that on another layer, I added one of my own pictures of Grand Coulee Dam–

I reduced its transparency to see through to the London image. I flipped it horizontally, resized and oriented it [distort] to fit the center span of the bridge. Then I erased around the image, erasing all the way to the top of the dam, to the left side of the spillway, and to the right side by the powerhouse. I erased the road into the water. Then I changed erasers to one called “noise.” It’s small random dots, like a pile of sand. When you erase with it, it doesn’t leave a hard line, but rather eases the lower layer into the erased layer, which you can see in the water by the boat in the river. I increased the transparency again, and then added the text, trying to match the color and style.

Great fun! And hardly took any time at all.

Try it yourself. The Daily Create @ds106dc is a great distraction and creative warm up to any day.

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