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Day 330 Together

Daily Note

Each day, a picture, a poem.

Today I had no work and it’s Saturday, a day when we once hopped in the car and explored the area, stopping for lunch and hikes and interesting places. We haven’t done that since the pandemic started. We only drive out far enough to get back home in time for a bathroom break! But today, we actually stopped at a drive up restaurant, picked up a chicken salad BLT sandwich, and drove to a quiet, out of the way beach area just up the road.

After eating, we walked around the area, enjoying the still brown, gold, and rust views. Near the beach area we startled some water fowl who swam away, apart, but quickly circled back together again, swimming along the shore away from us. So, the poem:


We startled them from 
the reeds, their home; a circle
of ripples join two.

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