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Day 316 Catnap

The sun shone so brightly in the cold today; our walk was as brisk as the air was cold. It must have affected the cat too, because she thundered and raced around the house, pouncing on her toys, dashing up her cat tree and jumping back down to repeat the process in a whirlwind of cat anxiety. Then it was quiet: she in her basket to nap.


Thundering, pouncing
bursts of speed in graceful leaps
followed by catnaps.

Sheri Edwards
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January Doodle

For my doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc, #jandoodle, with prompts for Spoonflower, I created a block and a pattern for the prompt, “seascape.”  will probably play around with this a bit more. Because I’m using ProCreate, arranging the items for exact pattern matching isn’t easy– if an item goes partially off the canvas, the app cuts it off. In other words, there’s no “trial and error.” Once you’ve place the image, that’s it. So I’ve developed a strategy of creating one document with the “assets,” which I can duplicate and then try out the pattern. So I may duplicate the asset document again and try another pattern. Here’s today’s “seascape” and another “snail mail” from the assets for that prompt.

Daily Create

The Daily Create #tdc3299 today asked us to make a photo and caption for something nine years old. I found a picture from 2012 of two of our pets who were best friends. We miss these furry friends.

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