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Day 315 Still Budding

Daily Notes

A Daily Challenge to myself: a photograph and poetry.  Today, on our walk I noticed the many ends of Oregon Grape along the path. I looked more closely to see that the mule deer have been nibbling the bush, snipping off the ends, eating the buds, and dropping what’s left of the branch. And the wonderful Oregon grapes just keep budding.

Still Budding

Oh so many bites
nibbled by mule deer; still the
buds bring us spring’s wish.

Sheri Edwards
012221 02236521
Poetry / Photography

January Doodle

For my doodle a day with my friends at CLmooc, #jandoodle, with prompts for Spoonflower, I created a block and a pattern for the prompt, “snail mail.”  I was very excited about this one, since I love to send and receive mail– mostly postcards. It didn’t turn out exactly as I was thinking, but I can work on the design more since the “assets” are saved in a different document just in case I need to change them.

I created two versions, one with the marigold mail box and one with the cone flower mail box. Then I alternated the main block of the pattern to include both in the final version.

Daily Create

The Daily Create #tdc3298 today asked us to invite others in a poster to join the party of daily creating, which I also did this week in my art blog. I found a photo with the rock art in my tree and added the welcome and URL. Yes– do join us in daily making or art.

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