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Day 199 Cats Galore and More

More cats today– a black cat we named Murray because he is “purry” and very nice has been entering our house through the cat door. I don’t think we will be able to keep the creature because he terrifies our IttyBitty cat who is leery of every one and every thing. We are the only beings our cat trusts.

Murray makes himself at home and is so very cuddly and nice, the opposite of our own cat. BUT– HE is a tom cat and tries to take over Itty’s places, like her spot on the couch. I move him every time. Last night, we had to put him out because our cat was so traumatized and fearful and growly. It took her hours to relax.

Yet Murray wandered in again today to sleep all afternoon, while Itty disappears to hunt outside.

Hence, a continuation of my doodling about cats. I struggle with styles– realistic or doodle. I decided to create a new background of grass to draw the black cat above– Murray has gold eyes though, not green.

Then I applied the brush I created yesterday for try at a calico-stylized cat.

It was fun and she is cute, but I was thinking of something different. I also decided to add some leafy plants to add a bit of variety in the background.

This time I added in a more boxed in, folk art look.

This is closer to a style I like. And, I can change the color–

That’s fun! Sometimes, the original colors don’t quite work as envisioned, so being able to play with the colors is truly a benefit of digital art.

I think I like the previous style better than the next, using the stamp type brushes, although as I learn better placements for adding the shapes, I think this will work too:

Oops, I forgot the front foliage– funny how that adds to the image. It helps break up the pattern of the cat:

Style struggle: It’s just not easy to decide– but I’m just starting. Remember that. Like all learners, I’m practicing and trying out different things and sketching and resketching and it isn’t easy. Learning is a struggle, even if you’ve got talent– there’s always room to grow. My talent is not in art– it’s all a struggle.

I did like this style:

And I like my autumn work also in progress. See how more realistic it is, though style a representation, not real:

This last image I really love. This is something I’m proud of– the cats are cute, the pumpkin is nice, but I like the look and feel of the wreath. I should probably just stick with botanical art.

What’s important is that I’m learning. I’m still learning. What are you learning?

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