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Day 198 More Cats

Orange tabby

Earlier this week I learned a few new techniques for the ProCreate 5 update. Today I played around with the sitting cat doodle, selected some sections and added designed brushes to the top. For brushes see Skillshare classes by Jennifer Nichols and Liz Kohler Brown.

I’d like to create my own cat style, but I have a ways to go until I get the shapes the way I want them to look. I do like the idea of patterned “calico” cats, like the orange one above. I’m still working on the idea.

But, I did design my own flower power daisy brush, which you can see in the cat below— in the purple body and in the yellow stripes.

Purple calico cat
Grain image for ProCreate brush

I started with a png, transparent background, with white flowers I drew. I see now I should rotate and flip them so they look different.

The pattern is imported into the “grain” of the brush using a blurred round “shape source” fron the ProCreate library.

But that did not work.

So I vaguely remembered that the images to import should be jpg. So I tried that— but that created the inverse of what I wanted—- white flowers with whatever color I chose becoming the background.

So then I created the image above: I colored a layer black, then cut out the flower shapes. Imported into the grain of my new brush [based on a duplicated brush], it now “paints” the flowers in the color I choose, as you can see in the cat image.

I am going to rotate and flip some of those flowers now too— this file:

One other thing: I had more flowers which I tried to create a pattern with by using the new snapping/magnet tools, but I still cannot “snap” to the appropriate place to create an exact match. Only Affinity Designer lets me do that.

It is fun being able to create one’s own brushes though.

You are welcome to download the pattern and try to create your own flower pattern in ProCreate.

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