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Day 164 Character in Willows


Another day of practice from:

Ira Marcks Cartooning: People in Motion and Cartooning: Drawing Bodies and Poses

I chose a person crouching, moving through something, pushing back something with her arms.

It reminded me of the thicket of sapling willows by the local lake. To get through, you’ve got to crouch and push away the saplings, so that is the context to which I finished my art today.

I added the expression of consternation– seriously pushing through to reach the light and the lake. It can be quite scary!

I remember watching my grandkids hiking with us, walking towards the thicket where the birds sang their evening song.

One minute, the kids could be seen, heads just above the prairie bunchgrass.

They stopped and stood together in front of the willows. Perhaps to the count of three, they nodded to each other before turning to reach out, spread the saplings, and step inside.

And they were gone.

As soon as they had stepped forward and the saplings sprang back into place, you could not see them.  It was quite spooky.

I waited, worried, as gramma always does.

Moments later, they pushed back out– it was way too thick for humans to squirm through! Hence, a thicket, I guess!


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