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Day 159 Rom Ale


Rom Ale

I can’t use the term “Romulan Ale” except to describe it here– the banned beverage of the Romulans that caused quite a commotion in Star Trek’s Undiscovered Country:

I love Star Trek– I love it’s hopeful world, so the opposite of the world we live in now– especially here in the United States where disinformation and divisiveness dominates social media and the intent of the current administration. Ugh.

I tried to recreate the crystal decanter with its droplet shaped facets at the bottom of the container. I added shadows and highlights to create the depth. I perhaps should have lightened the “clear glass” parts even more, but perhaps, in my decanter, the glass is blue!

I may duplicate it and try to adjust, but for now– let’s hope the Starship Enterprise and one of its captains return to earth to save us from ourselves. Surely some alien presence has taken over the human form of our current administration. It’s happened before– in Star Trek Conspiracy.



This water color was created following a class by Brenda Bakker on Skillshare using the app ProCreate and the watercolor brushes Brenda created and shared with her students to use as they need.

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