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Day 158 Pink Passion

Pink_Passion small

As you can tell from my featured images beside each post on my main blog, I’m traveling through the different hues of the rainbow, and today is pink.

A word about the digital watercolor: when creating digital water colors, layers of textured paper images are arranged in different blend modes above the drawing and painting layers to give sense of the texture of water color paper. Of all the classes I’ve taken, this one [linked below] provides the best [texture and brightness as criteria] template [10 inches square at 300 DPI]. You may want to try her class just to download the template.

A word about color in digital watercolor: when adding color to the layers below the texture layers using water color brushes, the colors and brushes mimic actual water coloring. The texture layers and brush combination do change the color a bit, so I often need to play around a bit to find the color that fits. It took me quite a while to find this lovely pink by choosing a color and brushing a bit on the layer to see how the color and stroke work together and lay down the color.

The pink of my pink passion: I’ve been attempting to add a related item to accompany each beverage. In my yard for years I’ve had dianthus flowers, the pretty pinks we called them. They are also called Sweet William and carnations. This year, my flowers did not return, which is sad. I looked them up and discovered that they can be used for garnish!  So now I really miss them. Of course, before eating any flower, a person must check to be certain they are, indeed, edible.

In honor of the joy the flowers had brought me in the past, my pink passion painting includes a dianthus. I think I’ll need to order some more– they are perennials, after all.

This water color was created following a class by Brenda Bakker on Skillshare using the app ProCreate and the watercolor brushes Brenda created and shared with her students to use as they need.

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