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Day 81 Sow and Share


Learn from others for seeds of knowledge
Sow the seeds of learning
Grow a better world
Share with others

  1. Learn from others for seeds of knowledge — connect with those who know the life, people of color who are fighting for their rights; listen to them; read their work and about their lives.
  2. Sow the seeds of learning— take those seeds of understanding and share with others. Lift their voices and with your own voice.
  3. Grow a better world— support the people and their needs– follow their lead in what needs to change to better our world for all Americans [all people everywhere, really]
  4. Share with others— share what you know and how to help with others

Begin to make our country great again — for all Americans, a United States of Americans.

For more information, continue reading.

We Have Much to Learn and Do

The world is in disarray in my country. It’s tattered and torn into pieces. It reminds me of the Star Spangled Banner Flag that the Smithsonian repaired and which you can view interactively here. I was able to view this amazing flag while it was being repaired many years ago; it was awe-inspiring. This is the flag to which Francis Scott Key wrote our Star Spangled Banner.

Source: Smithsonian Archives:

While I searched for this picture, though, I found an even more important flag for today, the Fort Sumter Flag, which was shot by the Confederate Army and took down at the surrender of the fort at the beginning of the Civil War.

Fort_Sumter_storm_flag_1861 PD
Public Domain

At the end of the war in 1865, it was once again raised at the fort and Reverend Henry Ward Beecher spoke:

“On this solemn and joyful day, we again lift to the breeze our fathers’ flag, now, again, the banner of the United States, with the fervent prayer that God would crown it with honor, protect it from treason, and send it down to our children…. Terrible in battle, may it be beneficent in peace [and] as long as the sun endures, or the stars, may it wave over a nation neither enslaved nor enslaving…. We lift up our banner, and dedicate it to peace, Union, and liberty, now and forevermore.”

And now many in America are sharing the voices along side their fellow Americans who are still not free to walk down the streets of our country without fear of some confrontation.

What will we do?

We won’t let go this time, that’s what. 

First of all, this is why:


Click to this Tweet

The recent horrendous event, the murder of George Floyd, has rekindled the work we did not finish in the 1960s. I searched my Twitter feed for a quote but could not find it. It was written by someone who participated in the changes during the 1960s, and s/he reflected with something like this: “We did not finish. I’m sorry.” Oh, I felt the same.

There are some things to think about though, and here are some thoughts:

Secondly, we must follow the lead of our black neighbors.

I’m white; I’ve not lived the fear. What is needed must come from those who know what needs to change. As I read the information, searching for my part to support, I learn from as many Black voices as I can.

Again, a young mother explains why here:

…there’s a burden for mothers of little black boys that is unique. We face a reality that requires us to raise our sons to be extremely polite, hard-working, excellent in academic endeavors because anything less than the exceptional profile (read: Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey) may mean missed opportunities or worse, responses that wrongfully punish them because of the biases that exist.

~Elizabeth Dobson, I’m the mom of black sons and I fear for their safety every day

Elizabeth offers suggestions in her essay:

  1. Speak Up
  2. Contact people in power.
  3. Vote.

We’ve a need to understand the issues that make life more difficult for people of color than it is for us white people. If others are not free, neither are we.

Start Here: National Museum of African American History and Culture Releases “Talking About Race” Web Portal, and notice any names of people to follow on Twitter while learning about this resource. Then click to the portal to begin learning how to start talking about race.

Next: Talk to other white people; share what you know.

Also: Follow, learn from, and act in support of the Black and other people of color and the needs they identify. Do the research– don’t expect them to relive it for you, just support their needs.

Read and understand this thread by Joe Truss: What to do tomorrow:

A summary:

And books, thanks to Karen:

As shea says:

and James Baldwin:

Hold the seeds of change and sow them today.

Now is the time. Help change policies and programs today– where you are, in your neighborhood.

What will you do today?

From Tweet by Jade:

Our flag must truly represent all Americans.


We will make it so.

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